"Lisa Gitlin is an author of immeasurable talent..."

Tara Scott. Lambda Literary

Independent Publisher Awards. Gold and Bronze Medalist

Lisa Gitlin

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Postcards from the Canyon

About The Novel

Joanna Jacobs, a Brooklyn writer, is coming apart at the seams. Her mother has just died. The woman she loves is shacking up with her best friend. Clamorous undocumented immigrants have "taken over" her building. A crew of delinquents has decided to use her apartment as a clubhouse. A hysterical phone call to a talk show has gotten the attention of the FBI. Joanna is frantically writing a book about growing up in Cleveland in the 1960's because writing is what she knows how to do. But re-experiencing the 1960's isn't the best strategy for maintaining your sanity...

"Postcards from the Canyon is not a book to be missed. Once you pick it up, it will grip you by the throat and hold you in place and not let you go"
 Tara Scott, Lambda Literary

I Came Out for This?

It's the dawn of a new millennium. It's also the dawn of Joanna Kane's acceptance that she is gay, after decades of self-denial. At the age of 45, she has fallen in love for the first time in her life. The problem is, the woman has decided she doesn't want a relationship with her. Joanna has never been in love before. She doesn't know that you can get over heartbreak. She believes that without this woman, she will die. So she pursues her to Washington, DC and plants herself in a funky rooming house in the middle of the city, in order to win her back. Nobody thinks this is such a good idea, except for the stubborn heroine herself...

"An outstanding, hilarious debut novel... Gitlin’s unforgettable characters make this an unqualified, R-rated success."
 Akron Beacon Journal

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